PAPERWRK is freedom. PAPERWRK is simplicity.

There’s the time it takes; on average, 12 hours a month to process all your small business admin. Time you could be using for finding new clients, developing your portfolio, or just exploring life.

Alarmingly, during 2018, self-employed and small business owners spent over 20 days a year just creating and chasing late payments. There now is a better solution that eliminates excuses about “a lost invoice” and improves your daily mood…

Chasr from Paperwrk.



Customize the message alerts & decide if you want to send email, text or voice – or all 3!

Select different options in our simple-to-use tool that will automate the message to your client’s inbox.

Don’t like our standard message – change it! Customize the templates and put your own personal and quirky style to the messages we send on your behalf. Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today with a free 60-day trial.

You can even select the language you want to message your client in for that fully personalized touch!

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30 days delay by a client to pay an overdue invoice

Chasing payment can be a challenging process for your business. Help complete our Survey and share your experiences or simply download our 6-steps to help you improve your Credit Control processes for your business.


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iPad with Paperwrk's Financial Summary screen


Add your invoice and don’t panic! We tell you what your estimated tax bill will be for the next month.

As a freelancer or small business owner you have to rely on an Accountant annually to tell you what your Corporate Tax bill will be, or work out your VAT liability for the past quarter. Chasr does this automatically for every invoice you create – so you can see with your own eyes, what you need to put aside for tax for that dreaded bill.

Our instant Financial Summary Report then aids you in preparing for your VAT bill or your End of Year Accounts. We do the thinking and meanwhile you can work more effectively for your clients.

Great! Let's go!


See, at a glance, all of the current outstanding invoices & your financial data in an instant.

View in real-time, the current status of your finances and track your current totals for the year. Limit any fears you have about unseen taxes – our Chasr platform gives you insight into stuff like your Corporate Tax bill and eliminates unknown financial risk.

Our Dashboards give you instant data to help you manage your business and help you avoid those nasty shocks.


``68% of Freelancers & businesses we surveyed deliver between 5-10 projects a month for clients. 47% work with other Freelancers and need to manage their subcontracting payments effectively.``

  • Yes

  • No

% of Freelancers who have to chase clients for payment

  • Yes

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% of Freelancers who would value an app like Chasr


We’ve been self-employed ourselves – we’ve walked in your shoes – so we understand the need to manage cash-flow on a daily basis.

Designed for the Gig worker and small business owner, Chasr has been created by an experienced team of professionals that understand the requirements around payment of a flexible work schedule.

We understand your problems intimately, and Chasr is your virtual back office partner for working life. Let us take away the stress and pressure by being there every day so you can focus on the work you love to do.

Use Paperwrk Chasr FREE for 60 days and your heart will show you how much it improves your cashflow – helping you manage your business finances… today, tomorrow and beyond.